If you think you’re too old for CrossFit read this:

I am 56 and my wife is 54 years old.  We joined Hybrid Farm several months ago and it’s been the best thing we’ve done for our health in a very long time.

Why get a membership?

First it’s fun!  Our coaches and fellow members (young and old) support each other 110% irregardless of your fitness level or ability.  In our Box everyone’s a winner!

Second it’s safe.  The coaches are well trained and knowledgable.  Class sizes are small with a low coach-to-student ratio.   You learn correct techniques from hands on instruction to maximize your gains and avoid injury.  WODs are also preceded and followed by proper warmup and stretching.   You are pushed to excel, but never to exceed your ability.

Third, there’s lots of variety (traditional CrossFit, Conditioning & Strength training) of workouts to keep you interested and motivated for the long haul.  And there are class times around the clock to fit into your schedule.

Join the Hybrid Farm.  We did and found it to be a life changing experience.  Do it for yourself; for your spouse or for your kids and grandkids.

It may be the toughest thing you’ve ever loved!

Sincerely,  Mike B.