Three months ago when I showed up at the Hybrid Farm I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was looking for something that would motivate, inspire and change what I thought it meant to be strong physically and emotionally. I found that change at the Hybrid Farm.

Every time I got up out of bed to be at the 5:15 a.m. class, the negativity and self doubt was always waiting there for me when my alarm clock went off.

Thoughts like, “what am I doing, I am not in shape.”… and the list was a mile long some days.

During the workouts I would often encounter my self doubt and personal struggles. I met the demon inside all women that tells them that they are not good enough, not strong enough, and just simply, not enough.

Thoughts like, “what am I doing, I am not in shape,” and the list was a mile long some days. I sucker punched everyone of those struggles, slapped every negative thought, and shut the mouths of all the self doubt demons. All by the time the clock ran out.

I say, if you haven’t tried CrossFit at The Hybrid Farm, you should. If you think its stupid, too hard or maybe even not hard enough, try it first. Go do a workout (WOD). Actually get your butt out of bed and go do work.

Life is about getting back up on your feet, meeting the struggle head on. Start by saying I CAN PROVE YOU WRONG, AND I JUST DID by putting your score on the whiteboard.

Stay strong. See you at the farm!