Group Elements

Start Your Fitness Journey


The Elements program is an opportunity for new athletes to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit in a group setting alongside other beginners. No matter what your level, start here. We will show you how to scale or modify the workout to fit your current level. Once you complete Elements you will have a basic understanding of the CrossFit methodology, be able to perform the basic movements, and have learned how to utilize many of the features and tools used by our members to achieve their health and fitness goals.


Everyone interested in training at The Hybrid Farm


At The Hybrid Farm, 11 East Marshall Street, Rice Lake, WI


Saturday, April 9th at 10:30am


One two hour session will include:

Gym Overview, introduction to coaches, movement screening, movement instruction, beginner workout, membership overview, Q & A.


$49 to reserve your spot


Based on coach’s assessment. If you do not feel ready to progress into group classes. We will provide options for private training packages to help you continue to progress at your own pace.

Enrolling Now for Group Elements

This group introductory course marks the start of your journey

Make sure you are prepared for Hybrid Farm training by learning the basics

Next chance to join is April 9th