Do you love CrossFit?

Do you enjoy working with people from all walks of life that WANT to improve themselves?

Would you feel awesome knowing you made someone a better athlete, parent, role model, spouse, employee, boss or simply a more functional human?

If you answered YES to all three of these questions you’ve got at least one of the three P’s we will be looking for in our coaching team, passion.

The other two?

Professionalism and

We’ve developed an entire course meant to teach aspiring Hybrid Farm coaches how to become a professional coach that can perform, getting results for their clients, their company, and our community. Coaching positions will vary widely from full-time associate coaches to part-time and bench coaches.

WE ARE CURRENTLY looking to increase our number of part-time and bench coaches. However, this is our starting point when looking for future full-time team members. Participation in ITP is NOT a job offer. It IS a chance to expand your knowledge of CrossFit and what it really takes to be a coach, explore the opportunity, see if it’s a good fit, and potentially move into a coaching role in the future.

To apply for our second Instructor Training Program please review the prerequisites below.

Program Prerequisites:
• HF Member for 6 months at course start date

• Subscribe to the CrossFit Journal

• 4x/week HF member or higher

Entry Requirements: Complete to be considered

STEP 1. Write a “Letter of Intent”

This letter/essay does not need to be long, but it should be from the heart. (This IS a requirement, and may be used to determine your eligibility for participation in the program.)
Why do you want to be an instructor?
What is your background (include all): education, profession, sports, and fitness?
What are your strengths & weaknesses?
What does CrossFit / The Hybrid Farm mean to you?
Why would someone want you to be their coach?

Additional requirements will be covered at an informational meeting for those who’s Letter of Intent is accepted.

Please EMAIL your letter of intent to no later than September 15th, 2016.